I just read the negative mailer sent out by my Democrat opponent attacking me. It saddens me that someone would send these types of mailers based on misinformation and fear.  My campaign will not go down this road and I will continue to put out my positive message.

I am a common sense, conservative with a solid record of support for Western Kansas. Many of you are familiar with my record in the House of Representatives and remember my weekly information articles, which are provided to all newspapers within my district explaining issues and the process of the legislature. I believe it’s my duty to explain the issues and their importance to Western Kansas and our entire state.

To set the record straight, in 2012 I voted against the Brownback tax cuts, which went too far too fast and led to the State’s credit downgrades and a deficit and shortfall in revenues.

I voted twice to fix the income tax and LLC loopholes the last two sessions. I voted no on the budget last year due to the fact it was not balanced. I voted yes to fix KPERS. KPERS was on the verge of bankruptcy. I did vote no against the block grants for our schools. I even voted twice to override Gov. Brownback’s vetoes. Some of my yes votes were to keep schools open, funds for K-12 and higher education, raises for prison guards, and yes to outlaw dismemberment of the unborn.

Some of these votes were the same as Republicans, some the same as Democrats, and some were signed into law by the Governor. But I consider every vote taken seriously. My rapport with my colleagues in the House is respected and seen as a strong, honest voice for Western Kansas. I am able to work with the different factions within the legislature.

You can rest assured that 100% of the time I will vote for my constituents in Western Kansas.

Please remember when you hear or read these negative ads they do not tell the entire story or may not be telling the true story at all. If you have any questions on my voting record please feel free to contact me by email or telephone and I would be more than happy to discuss the issues with you.


Thank you for taking the time to find out the truth. It would be an honor and pleasure to serve the 40th District.